2001 honda insight - $28,000 (Niceville)

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I have a 2001 Honda Insight up for barter for someone to build me a good 6 foot fence. Some clearing will need to be done. This honda shell is super rare only 1 of 15,000 ever made and this one is Manual! I have a K24A2 from Japan with only 55k miles to go in it. Here's the threads for this build along with part list for this build. It will be a fast naturally aspirated build because the whole car weight 1800pounds and that was before removing the hybrid system.


Comes with engine stand if you need one.

Honda Insight Shell

*1195 K24a2 from Japan

*534.99 OEM Honda K20 Oil Pump

*115.56 AC Compressor

*88.22 Throttle Body Assembly

*52.52 type s oil cooler hoses

*440.79 Mishimoto Thermostatic Oil Cooler

*333.43 50 degree actuator

*62.14 40 degree actuator pin

*28.98 ac receiver dryer

*9.62 carbon Fibre short screw on antenna

*35.31 swivel neck thermostat housing

*258.67 side mount pulley kit ps delete

*72.21 k-tuned coil pack cover

*30.06 valve cover gasket

*327.25 Lightweight Flywheel

*1818.99 Red Bride Seats with carbon Fibre backs and slider rail suede

*215.06 Exedy Clutch Kit

*282.43 civic si steering knuckle kit

*158.64 drilled slotter rotors, civic si *calipers and ceramic pads

*162.36 front lower ball joint adapter

*213.07 honda oem battery charge *harness Rsx

*228.45 AEM Wideband with digital gauge

*425.85 hybrid racing shifter cables

*439.91 hybrid racing short throw shifter

*96.50 Coolant catch can

*228.45 AEM Wideband

*96.69 HKS Turbo Timer

*121.55 Manual Starter

*16.31 3/8 drill bit for rear sway bar mod

*560.68 s2000 steering wheel with cruise *control module

*118.48 DNA racing low mounting s2000 *seat brackets

*211.86 97-04 golf gti rear lower Brace bar
2000 roughly (it's in euros) premium digital s2000 cluster 23rd

*23.74 Caliper mounting bolts

*351.98 ktuned vented valve cover and valve cover breather unkown

718.55 half size radiator kit unkown

*117.81 Low temp thermostat uknown

*235.39 upgraded timing tensioner

*58.84 timing cover gasket set 8th

*11.87 Honda Dowel pins

1106 fortune auto front coilovers unkown

*909.49 k tuned tucked harness

*17.03 Coolant temperature sensor

*113.83 custom valve cover hardware set 8th

50 wrinkle orange valve paint unknown

*1081.26 Drag Cartel Cams 9th

*29.99 oil pan gasket 8th

1365.14 Hasport motor mounts and cv axles unkown
*19.45 Honda oem joint cooler

*527.00 Alternator Upgrade Kit unkown soon

*41.68 Water Pump 8th

*139.09 Acura type s oil cooler 8th

*192.55 valve Catch can 8th

*1645.32 K4 Vpro ECU PRB (RSX Type S) July

5986.87 Wavetrac LSD with Extra tall 6th gear and 4.0 final Drive in a completely rebuilt K24 transmission with hardened gear set and Carbon Syncros 2 months

Bartering for a fence or 20,000 obo. All parts are new. I purchased a civic type R and lost interest in this project, I'm sure someone could throw it together fast. I already had the Cams installed by a mobile mechanic on Google. He offered to build rest of car for 8k. The neighbors dog next door is ruining my experience because he's aggressive with my dogs, pees on my porch, and stuff. I can't do much about it because it's a 12 year Olds dog.

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